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The first mobile platform designed to facilitate social connections in the real world.

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We are on a mission to bring human connection back into our lives

The Island helps you interact with those who are in the same place as you, at the same time
- such as your office or your university campus.

See who's in the #Office

See who's on #Campus

See who's in the #Co-Working

See who's in the #Residence

See who's in the #Club

Any physical site, any building, any real-world location can be turned into a virtual island.

How it works

Launch the app when you arrive.

The app works only when you are in an active location.

See who else is there. In the moment.

Browse profiles.
Say hello with a button.

Interact with those around you.

Meet in person.
You are both there!

Engage with others while on site

Connect with people who are in the exact same location as you. The app removes barriers that limit social interaction and helps you build new, real-life connections.

The possibilities are endless

From making new connections in the office to discovering like-minded visitors at conferences and events, The Island puts social connection at the center of the visitor experience.


How is the island different from other social platforms?

The Island is a social platform like no others! It only works in "active locations" - we call them Islands - where people can connect and interact with one another - in real-time.

While most social platforms are designed for a parallel digital world that exists alongside our own, The Island is focused on our real world. Every Island is set in a real-world location. Whether it's a corporate office or a residential building The Island is the place where people connect and interact with one another, while on site.  

Does the app show my exact location to other users?

No, it doesn’t. The app only shows if you are 'inside' the active island or not. It is possible to switch to invisible mode at any time.  

Are Islands different from each other?

Yes, every Island is unique in location, size, images, hashtags, etc. resulting in a new user experience every time.  

What happens if the app is launched outside of an active island?

Quite simply, a message will appear informing "The Island is not active here".

How do I turn my location into a virtual island?

We are commited to getting every new island activated within 24 hours from the moment we receive the request and have sufficient information to configure it. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Ultimately, what is the mission of the island?

Our goal is to facilitate meaningful real-life connections amongst members of a community. On The Island, you connect digitally, but you are both there physically!

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